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The International Art Contest Judging

Award Selection

The selection of each Category winner is by Internet vote with all entrants exhibited online and with equal opportunity. The voting is online to the public between 1st August and 31st December each year with the winners being publicized by the 7th January. The final decision is derived from the votes from the judging committee formed by the entrants themselves. 

The Judging Panel

Contrary to what some juried contest operators bandy about, The International Art Contest is not a popularity contest, nor has it ever been possible to cheat the voting. While the public may be invited to participate and cast their vote, the final selection of winners for each category is based on the vote from the artists themselves. That's right, the artists who enter the contest get to select their own winners which is by far much better than leaving that choice to a juror or sponsor who will always be bias.

So what is really represented here is a "United Nation of Artists" that is free of sponsors and their bias, which is why this contest is so popular in all countries... because here artists rule!

The International Art Contest invites only mature artists who have experienced art as a livelihood. With so many  artists from all around the world of such diversified doctrines, how can there a better jury? Consequently winning First Prize here is the highest accolade possible, being chosen as the best by one's peers.


  • Realism generally includes both modern and traditional styles of painting where the artist has made an attempt to portray or capture the subject as seen.
  • Modern Art generally includes all paintings that are not considered as realism.
  • Sculpture generally includes art that is not a painting such as pottery, assemblage and sculpture.
  • Digital art is all art enhanced or produced with the use of a computer. The majority of the composition must be created by the artist, ie: photos simply manipulated by plugins will not qualify.
  • Photographic entries are not eligible for this event.


The aim of the contest is to provide an introduction to active artists, create interaction between artists worldwide and offer a window to what is going on in the the world of popular and contemporary art.

The category selection is open... whether traditional, abstract or impressionist, the selected category is your nomination for the contest. All entries are on display for online voting and judging from 1st August - 31st December.

The entered piece must have been created within 12 months of entry date and not entered in this contest before. Choice of medium is unrestricted but in essence must be a painting or similarly creative piece in that the majority of the the composition is created by the artist.

Best Policy

This is an International Event involving the participation of numerous artists and organisations with the intention of running a fair event with the winners decided by honest Internet vote. 

Art Contest information (PDF)

The International Art Contest is proudly sponsored by ArtistScope who were the founders of copy protection for the Internet in response to a need for online artists.

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